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Introduction, Credentials, and Intent

Introduction My name is Brandon Cole. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was born in Utah, grew up (among many other places) mainly in Indiana and Tennessee, and am currently back in Utah. I grew up in an active Latter-day Saint household and am grateful for the upbringing that was provided me. I have been happily-married to the love of my life since 2012. I attended Dixie State University from 2012 to 2015; after a hiatus, I have returned to Dixie State and am currently a part-time student. My current major is Spanish Language and Literature; I am planning on getting my Associate's degree in Spanish and then will hopefully transfer to Southern Utah University to get a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Science. Credentials - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I am not an authority on Church doctrine. For that reason, I will refer to the Church's scriptural canon when referring to official doctrine and to any of the Church's

Interview on Saints Unscripted

On March 1 this year I had the opportunity to be interviewed by David Snell for the YouTube channel Saints Unscripted . It was just published earlier this week and can be found here . I had a lot of fun interacting with David and also with Jake Watson, the videographer for the channel.

My Response to Saints Alive in Jesus

It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. I have lately been writing content for MasonicFind. Today my attention was called to an article titled "Freemasonry: 5 Minutes with a Mason" written on a website named Saints Alive in Jesus . It presents various false or inapplicable arguments based on false premises. I will pick it apart piece-by-piece. I was talking to Mason a while back. Right off the bat, we know that we are about to hear a subjective opinion as opposed to any authoritative material from a legitimate grand lodge (i.e., constitutions, legislation, by-laws, ritual, even a grand lodge website, etc.). Looks promising. He was in The Blue Lodge, which is the lower level, encompassing the first three levels of Masonry, so he’s really been in the lower level of “Masonic Knowledge.” There is false premise #1. For those who care for accuracy, Freemasonry in and of itself only has three degrees:[*] Entered Apprentice Fellowcraft Master Mason There are, of cour

If I Could Change One Thing About the Church's Temple Endowment Ceremony

Before delving into this thought, I would like to make a clarifying distinction between the temple endowment  and the temple endowment ceremony . The Church's temple endowment is conferred upon us via a series of covenants which we make with God therein; it also uses doctrine to illustrate the spiritual parent-child relationship that each of us has with God as our Heavenly Father. The ceremony  is the vehicle whereby these covenants are made and the information/doctrine is delivered to us. The temple endowment itself is the same today as it was when Jesus Christ restored[*] it to us via Joseph Smith, Jr. The ceremony, however, has undergone various changes; in other words, we receive the same endowment in a different way today than the early Saints of this dispensation did. I love the Church's temple endowment and see no reason for it to change. With that clarification made, if I could change one thing about the its ceremony, then it would be to bring back the live theatrical


My lodge held its last regular stated meeting for the year last evening. I was privileged to be able to give an educational. For those of you who do not know, an educational in Masonry is exactly what it sounds like: an educational lecture or presentation. It is typically related to Masonry, having to do with Masonic history or Masonic principles; it is not unheard of and is completely appropriate, however, to have an educational in lodge that has nothing to do with Freemasonry. For example, back in 2019, we had non-Masons come in from a local high school's debate team while our lodge was "at recess." They gave a presentation on the pro's and con's of our local area (Washington County) building a water pipeline from Lake Mead to address our drought (given that we live in a desert area). Both sides of their debate team brought up excellent points and were very impressive. Once their presentation was completed and we thanked them, they left and our lodge "retu

2020 Local Masonic Election for 2021

 Hello everyone! On 4 November 2020, I had the honor of being elected to serve the lodge as Senior Warden for the 2021 calendar year. I am going straight to this office from that Senior Deacon. I am a bit sad that I will not be able to experience that of Junior Warden, but I am excited to be able to serve my lodge regardless. For those who aren't Masons and who may be wondering, here are some of the duties of the Senior Warden (in my lodge, at least): Assist the Worshipful Master in opening and closing the lodge. If, for some reason, the Worshipful Master is unable to attend the meeting, it is then the Senior Warden's responsibility to open it in his place. Be Chairman of the Educational Committee. "Educationals" in Masonry are presentations, speeches, demonstrations, etc. relating to whatever topic (typically related to Masonry, but not always). Though the Chairman may give presentations himself, he is also able to delegate to other committee members or even have non

My Response to Rituals of Freemasonry

The article entitled "Rituals of Freemasonry: Freemasonry Proven to Worship Lucifer - Part 3 of 5" was recently brought to my attention. This one seems like an easy one to address. The whole article relies wholly on the condemnation the use of pentagrams (inverted, five-point stars), focusing on their use in Satanism (which is a relatively recent development). Although the pentagram is not used in Masonry, it is a principal part of the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star, which the article mislabels as "the women's division of Freemasonry." First and foremost, the Order of the Eastern Star does not constitute Masonry in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it is a separate group that is affiliated  with Freemasonry. It does not confer Masonic degrees on anyone. Second, symbols are finite and ambiguous; there is not a single symbol that is limited to one sole group or interpretation. Do Satanists use the inverted, 5-point star? Sure. That does not take away from t

My Response to Pastor Win Worley and Hegewisch Baptist Church

My attention was recently turned to an article entitled "The Demonic Roots of Freemasonry," an excerpt taken from "Demonic Deceptions, Booklet #15" by Pastor Win Worley. This excerpt was published on the website of Hegewisch Baptist Church and takes us for quite a spin. Let's get started. Worley states that Masonry claims to be a revival of ancient pagan philosophies (Egyptian, Phoenician, etc.) and that these all secretly worshiped a sun god (Lucifer). Grand lodges speak for themselves and for the lodges under their respective jurisdictions. If a claim is made by one of these entities, it will be published by the grand lodges; grand lodges are the only entities that carry the weight of Masonic authority to make any claims regarding its nature or character. Notice also that Worley does not provide any sources for this claim; no historians are mentioned and no lodges or grand lodges are specified. Worley then states that such secret worship was called "the M